Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Learning and Growing

It's day 3 of potty-training boot camp and we're doing better than expected!  Megan surprisingly has not had a single wet accident (but the other one, that's a different story).  We are all going a little bit stir-crazy from being in the house all day every day (it's not quite warm enough to go naked outside) but we're surviving.

However, in light of the need to find things to do, Megan has acquired a few other skills besides using the potty.
1.  Cutting paper (all of my index cards have been reduced to confetti)
2.  Peeling eggs.  We got some brown eggs and she was so fascinated that I boiled them up and she ate some!  That is a miracle in and of itself.  And you should've seen how proud she was to peel that darn egg all by herself.

Chopper, Abby, and I are all sick.  That means things are really miserable and we're watching a lot of TV and ordering pizza because no one wants to cook.  But hopefully, by the end of the week, ALL of the misery will be over and we can move forward to Thanksgiving!

Oh and I know that I completely dropped the ball on 30 days of gratitude so instead I am creating a list (to post all at once) of 30 things I'm grateful for.  It's probably cheating but I'm not in the mood right now to post every single day.

I am grateful for delivery though.

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