Saturday, October 15, 2011

So I Went a Little Overboard

I had too much fun making Halloween costumes this year.  I've been thinking about it for a while but waited a little bit to see if Megan would settle on an idea.  First it was Tinker Bell, then I can't remember what came next -- I think Vidia (another fairy from the Tinker Bell movies), then she wanted to be Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony), and then Curious George.  ??????  Finally, she found out that her "best friend" (not sure if that exists at age 3) was going to be Rapunzel and that changed her mind yet again.  So I decided to go ahead and make her a Rapunzel costume knowing that if she changed her mind, at least she would have another dress for dressing up.  I couldn't go wrong!

Abby on the other hand, is Rosetta -- another fairy from the Tinker Bell movies.  I had an idea for her costume that I couldn't get out of my head so she had no choice.  Not that she cares -- although she doesn't love her costume and tries to take it off every time I put it on . . . 

Today we took Daddy (a.k.a. Chopper) to the Arboretum.  We've gone several times with friends but not him!  I managed to get some cute shots of the girls among flowers and pumpkins and in their costumes but it still took a fair of amount of candy bribery.  This is why I don't pay for professional pictures.  

So be warned -- what follows is really cute, but not only did I go overboard on costumes, I kind've went overboard on picture taking!!!!

 This is Megan's "big hair" (I swear that's what she calls it!) in all it's glory.  By the way, if you're using Simplicity's Rapunzel pattern, ignore the measurements for hair and make your own -- I went through a lot of yarn because they were too small!

 Not bad even I do say so myself!

 I LOVE THESE PICTURES!  She looks so sweet and innocent -- must be the bribery!

 Now if I only had Photoshop I could make that lollipop look like a magic wand and then no one would ever know I bribe my kids . . .

 Ah yes, hugging the pumpkins.  If you tell Abby we are going to the Arboretum she says "punkin, cow, sheep" over and over.  (When we go on Tuesdays they have a petting zoo that she LOVES!)

 We eventually took the costume off to preserve it from . . . well from being herself (you know, falling over, running into things, trying to climb into the fountain -- you think I'm kidding but I'm not).
 AND THEN SHE STARTED SMILING!!  Actually what happened is that I started reciting one of her favorite books that she "helps" me read and whenever she said the animal sound, I snapped the picture.  Many animal sounds make you look like you're happy . . . 

 Please ignore the CSI: Miami head -- I don't know what I was thinking.

Megan in Rapuznel's house.  Perfect.

Oh and in case you're wondering, on the way home Megan told me she wants to be Tinker Bell for Halloween.  Figures.


Alicia said...

Love love LOVE the big hair. How in the world does it stay on the head? I am puzzling.

jencalebh said...

Super cute costumes. Still trying to figure out what to do for Hana.

The JL McGregor Family said...

You are talented, my friend! Also, I love your green shirt!