Thursday, October 20, 2011

Head Lice Anyone?

A friend who comes to our playgroup called me this morning to let me know her kids have lice.  I kind've freaked out.  My furniture and floors have been vacuumed, I am washing all the dress up clothes and the bedding next, and so far Megan has been checked twice!  I'm a little paranoid that I would miss it though with her light hair but I'm not even really seeing any dandruff so I think we're good.  Besides, I'm sure we'll have this many times in our lives with school and friends and dress up clothes so I'm fine.  Really I'm fine.  And my house is getting REALLY clean.

I just hate bugs of all sorts (I know, who doesn't?).

So on a more positive note -- Megan really enjoyed me taking goofy pictures of her yesterday.  She loved seeing the results on camera.  But I'm pretty sure she'll be really angry about me posting them when she's fourteen! 

Oh and this one is particularly fun -- Megan can roll her tongue at the ripe old age of 3.  I'll bet she'll be able to whistle too.  And snap her fingers well.  Just more proof that she is her father's daughter.  It is kind've funny though for her to come up to me and roll her tongue and then say "but mommy can't do it."  Yep.

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