Sunday, October 23, 2011

Early Trick of Treat!

We had trunk or treat a little early this year.  Our stake has stake conference Halloween weekend.  I know, weird.  But the stake presidency really gets into it and dresses up and stuff.
Just kidding.

Anyway, you've already seen the costumes but I just can't resist more!

Chopper went as a soldier.  A friend told him it doesn't count as a costume if it's your uniform and he's probably right.  But as much as I get wrapped up in the girls' costumes, I don't want to go too overboard for us because we most likely will not wear them again.  I don't know -- maybe if we move to another location or something.  Anyway -- so we went with our standards -- soldier for Chop and poodle skirt for me!
 But my husband is still hot in his uniform!  (Sorry, dad, that you had to read that.  But not sorry enough to delete it!)

 Usually she WANTS to go but doesn't dare with all those kids pinging around so this time we got her in early and then when it filled up -- she was ok!  Abby loved it too.  I had a friend climb in and retrieve Abby when it got too full and she was very upset -- maybe because she got flattened, maybe because I got her out!  Not sure!

I did NOT win best cookies (the missionaries will have a great little surprise for that one when they come to dinner on Thurs. hehe) and I have it on good authority that Megan was barely beaten for best costume for her age group by a ladybug.  It was a darn cute ladybug though!  But we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Megan is FINALLY getting the trick or treat idea and was happy to show (not share) her spoils to daddy when we were through.

Poor Abby.  End of the night, she has a cold, and I gave her to Chop for a picture.  Not happy.  In fact, we're supposed to be in church right now but she's sick enough I don't want her in nursery and since church is 1 to 4 (ick ick ick) I thought her sleep would be more helpful this once.
But overall it was a GREAT evening!

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