Friday, November 5, 2010

Imagination Takes Flight!

I had to hit the after Halloween sales at Target and I couldn't believe how little there was literally the day after!  And their whole Halloween area had already been converted to Christmas!  Megan loves it but I want to have a little Thanksgiving first.

I did score Megan a princess dress for $6.00 and a pair of wings for $1.00.  She won't really wear the dress because it's too long and she doesn't like the feel of always being on the verge of tripping so I need to hem it, but she LOVES LOVES LOVES her wings!  I love watching her play.  I love catching her in her dream world and watching her realize that I'm watching -- the look on her face is great but really it reminds me of when I would play and be "discovered".  Your imagination is just for you I think.

I also finished a quilt for a friend of mine -- I don't think she'll see it here before it arrives in Pocatello (at least I hope not).  I'm sad to see it go because I fell in love with it, but it couldn't go to a better home!

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Sarah said...

Megan is such a cutie! Miss you guys!