Saturday, November 20, 2010


The old Children's Aquarium is reopening and are running special prices for November's sneak peak month so we decided to take a trip.  It's a cute little aquarium but the neatest thing was the location -- right in Fair Park with the Cotton Bowl Stadium, the Texas Star Ferris Wheel, and all the museums are housed in beautiful old Art Deco buildings.  I think that exploring the area was better than the museum! 
 Megan can be really cute when she thinks you're not watching . . . 
 But of course the minute you ask her to smile, that's the end of that.  Chopper did though!
 A lagoon / playground area in the middle of the park that Megan was fascinated with.  It was really cool though.  And the fir trees were beautiful in their changing colors.
 Another visitor was gracious enough to take our picture.  Megan was not gracious enough to hold still.
 Then she got made because we wouldn't let her ride ON TOP OF the elephant.  Apparently, sitting on the trunk was just not good enough.
 Chopper had to take a picture of the Cotton Bowl stadium.  If we could get tickets when Boise State plays here Chopper would be in heaven.
 This is one massive ferris wheel -- here it's behind the Aquarium building.  I don't think I would ever want to ride this thing.

On the way home we missed our exit and since we were navigating by map it took me a few minutes to get out bearings.  Then I realized that if we continued on the road we were on, we would end up at Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine.  Well, enough said.  So off we went!  Besides being a really nice Bass Pro Shop, they had Santa Claus at his house and free pictures (which Megan refused over and over so I didn't try to make her) and a holiday carousel with reindeer to ride.  It went nice and slow and Megan actually rode it and then asked for more!
 Here's Santa!  Just to say we actually did see him . . . 

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Denise Gasser said...

You guys do so many fun things! Megan is looking so grown up. Her hair looks darling, is this a new haircut?