Monday, September 27, 2010

Wedding, Vacation, and all that jazz

I did it! I flew to and from Salt Lake City from Saginaw, Michigan with a toddler and an infant! Well, I give myself too much credit. After all, I did have Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle James to help me. And thank goodness for that. I would just like to illustrate briefly the way a toddler can turn on a dime.

Megan's screaming started in security when she couldn't reach to put her shoes in the bin. It stopped momentarily while we waited for the plane to arrive and she was able to roam pretty freely (the airport at Saginaw is tiny so it wasn't a big deal). Then when we got onto the plane . . . you would think it was the end of the world. She wouldn't sit in her seat, didn't want to wear a seatbelt, nothing would appease her and I had to hold her down to get her buckled in. She's screaming at the top of her lungs on a very small airplane (commuter size) and I'm near tears thinking I can't do this for an hour, let alone the 4 hours from Detroit to Salt Lake City. The plane backs out and gets out to the runway, we taxi out and take off, and Megan stops screaming (literally, just like that!), looks out the window and says "look! little trees! airplanes! We're going fast, up high!" She didn't throw a fit again the entire way out OR the entire trip back.

My lands.

Abby was very good.

Now comes the wedding. Both of my girls were fabulous considering the thousands of family members (strangers) they met for the first time, the events we had to attend at specific times, missing naps and late bed times, and eating all the junk they wanted (well Megan wanted really). Ok that last part was probably a bonus right? It was a very good and VERY exhausting weekend for us though. Plus Megan got sick the day before and the day of the wedding. Of course. My fabulous cousin Emily watched her during the actual wedding and then she seemed well enough to go to the reception, although we did leave early.

The wedding and the reception both were beautiful. Adrienne is a wonderful girl and I'm looking forward to getting to know her and love her just as well as I love my other sister-in-law Denise. Both my brothers have done well so far, that just means Jeff and James have a lot to live up to! Of course I don't have a ton of pictures, just a few that my brother Danny took for me. But you can see a lot of Mark and Adrienne's wedding photos at the website of their photographer: And if you live in that area and need a a photographer, I don't know what she costs, but can I just tell you how fabulous she is? She was fast, flexible, funny, professional, and I love love love the results. And I'm not even the bride and groom! I told her if I ever was back in the area I was hiring her to do family photos. I can't wait to see the ones of the family from the temple.

The Sunday after the wedding we were able to attend the blessing of Danny and Denise's new little boy Liam. They have a new blog that they never update but he is a doll! So handsome, and such a little boy! Although I do think Abby could give him a run for his money in the gassiness department and she definitely has bigger thighs!! :) Danny gave Liam a beautiful blessing and it was nice to see her family and especially spend time with them.

And actually, that was the best part I think. I loved the wedding, I loved the blessing, but I really loved spending time with family -- my immediate family and my extended family. I know that not everyone is as close to their family members as I am and I know that I am very blessed to have them all. Even when I haven't seen them in YEARS, I can still talk to Aunts, Uncles, and cousins as if it were yesterday. I hope my girls can have that too!

Anyway, after all of the rush, we flew back to Michigan on Wednesday and then drove to Texas Thursday and Friday. Yes, we are all recuperating still -- but it is SOOOOO good to be back together as a family in our home!
Abby and Liam catching a much needed nap before we take them out yet again for pictures. Oh side note, Adrienne had several nieces that came out right after these pictures were taken and they of course oohed and aahed over the babies. The little 9-year old points at Abby and says, "that ones my favorite!" I had to laugh at that one. I think it was the dress. And I forgot to put the shoes on! They really completed the outfit. Anyway, they are both just adorable!! And they're only a few months apart so they could be great cousin-friends.
Megan looking like she looked whenever someone tried to talk to her . . .
Is Abby eying the M&M's or worried about her sister? Adrienne's colors were black and orange. Sounds Halloweeny right? Nope! It was a GORGEOUS fall wedding!
Abby is still all gums even though she's been chewing her fingers, fist, whatever and drooling all to pieces for months now.

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