Sunday, September 5, 2010

Amish quilt auction

Twice a year, the Amish community in Clare, Michigan holds a flea market and a quilt auction. This year, my dad was wonderful to watch Megan for the day while my mom and I (and Abby of course) went up to see. Boy do I wish I had more money to spend! The auction last about 6-7 hours and we sat through most of it with a short break in the middle for lunch. It was awesome! Of course you have the traditional auctioneer with their fast talking and the quilts were just beautiful. This is a picture that mom took on her cell phone. You can see some of the Amish and I know the quilt is hard to see but this was the high bidder for the night -- $1700!!! Most of the other "higher" priced ones topped out in the range of 600-800 dollars and there were several that I liked that went for much cheaper, but I didn't even really have that to spend. There was an awesome cathedral windows quilt that only went for $650! I know you're probably thinking "only"? But cathedral windows is really hard and time-consuming. It doesn't look as impressive from far away as some of the others and it's not a popular pattern so I think that's partly why it didn't go for a lot but I wished it could've been mine. Mom won a nice scrap quilt in more traditional Amish colors and I won a crib scrap quilt. I'll post pictures of those later. I came away so refreshed from having a day of not watching every move Megan makes (even though I love her) and feeling very inspired. I can't wait now to get to Texas, get my house organized, and start sewing and quilting again!

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