Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

A few brief pictures from our drive to Texas -- I didn't know Missouri was so beautiful by the way. I always thought it would look more like Arkansas (which also has horrible roads). Anyway,we arrive in Texas during a major rainstorm and then I couldn't get a really good shot of the sign because it was on the left, but I had to take the picture and mark the occasion! Almost home!
This is one of my favorites because Megan is watching her DVD while reading the book, The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV. And she definitely had too much TV on the drive but I'm not complaining!
The St. Louis arch! We just drove by of course but it was impressive nonetheless.

So on to the house:
I got a lot of strange looks over letting Chopper buy our first home without me seeing it AT ALL! And I have to admit I was very nervous about it myself. Once we drove into Texas I was all butterflies in the stomach to see my new home. And now? Well I can't quite believe we own a house. And I love it! But it makes me feel weird -- not only am I the mother of 2, I have a house. I don't feel old enough for that I think, although I am 30. It's just kind of surreal.
This is looking at our dining room (table unseen on the right but you've seen a kitchen table before right?). The door goes into the backyard which is huge and yes, those are french doors that separate the space from the kitchen, even though there is only a half wall on either side. That's the weird thing.
Ok standing in the doorway to the dining room and looking all the way to the front door! I love that it's separate spaces but also very open. The master is on the right at the back of the house and there's a small hallway that goes to the garage and girls bedrooms opposite from the couch. The 4th bedroom is by the front door.
Megan's room -- the quilt I made for her bed. Chopper thinks the room is too green but I'm not done decorating! I hope he's not right . . .
And this is the fabulous tree that Chopper painted on her wall. I'll have to post more pictures as I decorate more but I love where it's going!
The front of our house! It looks tiny from the outside but all extends back. I'm still reeling from having about twice the space as any place we've every lived in. I also love that I can finally decorate and really make it my own! Hooray! I'll keep ya'll posted on how it progresses . . .

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