Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Honker

I had no idea babies were so noisy. Ok my baby. On Sunday (Megan's first by the way), I was in the mother's room feeding her and another mom came in with her baby. Her little boy was about 2 months and probably the same size as Megan. She is growing! But it was quite interesting to me to compare. Her baby made no noise while eating. Megan made all her usual noises: sighing when she takes a break, gulping loudly, and honking. Yes, honking. I don't know how she does it, but somehow she sounds just like a young Canadian goose. She also makes noises in her sleep which probably means that she will be a talker awake and asleep -- like her mother! Does anyone else have a noisy baby? I love it, but I'm curious as to if they turn in to noisy toddlers.


mickelsenfamily said...

That is funny. I can't say that Caleb was ever noisy. Megan is sure cute though. It's hard to see them grow up so fast. Caleb just went from newborn to size 3 months in a night! They just get more and more fun though. Good to know you are all doing well. Jaime

Alicia said...

Emmett slurped but never honked. I went with my mom once to a relief society stake enrichment mtg and I didn't want to miss the class so I sat on the back row and nursed Emmett and that was the first time I realized how noisy he was. He just slurped away and everybody got a great show.