Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So Many Things!

Well perhaps now I can relax a little.

Of course, it's my own fault for giving myself stress in the holiday season!  The month of November was swamped with preparations for my first craft show (you can read that post here) and opening my Etsy shop (you can see it here!).  Then it was Thanksgiving, decorate for Christmas, craft show, and Grandma's arrival.  She left yesterday and I am ready to slow down a bit (even though we loved having her!)

Our wonky Christmas tree and 2 very excited kids -- Megan is excited too, she's just back in her no picture phase.

My table from the craft fair.  I learned a lot and it was a perfect first fair.  I'm planning on doing others -- just not before Christmas this year! 

One of my Hot-Bottoms -- my main seller.  It's about the size of a cookie sheet and has a layer of batting and a layer of Insul-Bright -- a special batting for oven mitts, etc. that deflects heat or cold back to the source and protects your countertops and tables and looks pretty too!!  I have 3 that I use all the time -- they are awesome!

So we had Grandma for a wonderful week and did a lot of fun things with her.
We took her to the Arboretum on a beautiful day and toured the 12 Days of Christmas displays as well as the Children's Gardens.  I took a few pictures because the ones from our night visit weren't as clear I think. 

Grandma tried to get a picture of the kids in front of every one.  By the 4th one this is how it went -- grumpy face from Megan, William running away, and Abby trying to get him to come back.  Oh well.

Believe it or not, there were very few school groups in the Children's Garden so we had a great time being mostly by ourselves!  We love this place anyway but nearly empty is even better!

We decorated gingerbread houses.  I bought them already assembled from Target and they include a bag of icing ready to go.  I got candy in bulk so that I could buy lots of small amounts and we had a great time. 

I'm pretty sure that both of these pictures are showing a mouth full! 

We did a lot of light displays in the evenings and took Grandma for frozen yogurt.  She brought the girls these beautiful matching dresses and they agreed to wear them the same day!  Score! 
William's new favorite toy is the fly swatter.  He loves to hunt those flies down but yes, it's pressed against his face.  We have washed it and will probably get him one for just him for his Christmas or his birthday or something.

We went to a mall and saw an amazing train display.  William could have stayed the whole day and it was fun to watch.  Each section was a different city or area of the country -- Albuquerque, San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C. and Texas of course! 

And a puppet show! 

We love when Grandma comes to visit and are so grateful that she has the time and the health to do so.  We missed Grandpa this time but maybe he'll come out some other time! 

Now it's on to Christmas!!!

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