Friday, December 26, 2014

Year End Wrap-Up

It really might be too early to wrap up the year but I'm doing it anyway!!

Christmas morning came bright and early -- 6 a.m. Abby comes in my room so excited and talking non-stop: "mommy Santa came and there are presents and he ate the cookies and the stockings are gone and I don't know where they are, Santa must have taken them to his workshop to fix them!"

They were on the couch.  She woke up Megan and they dug into their stockings and then I turned on the tv while we waited for William to wake up.  But we were set to go at 7 so it wasn't too long.

We left one present unwrapped -- a car garage with ramps that a friend gave me maybe 6 months ago and I've kept it hidden for that long.  William was so excited to see it and it served it's purpose beautifully.  I made sure that the first present he actually opened was cars (not hard to do since half his presents were cars) and he was content to play and open a present whenever I told him it was his turn.  In fact, after opening 3 presents worth of cars (thanks everyone!), he started saying "har, more har" every time it was his turn.  And if the opened present WASN'T cars then he sadly said "more har" and went back to the garage, abandoning whatever it was on the floor.

The girls big presents was a horse for each of them.  The size that is designed for an 18" doll like an American Girl doll.  We saw some 18" dolls at Costco (not American Girl brand of course) for a really good price and since Abby was with me I asked her if she wanted one -- nope, just the horse!!  So that's what Santa brought them and the girls have played with them almost nonstop.  I love it when a toy is used!
Fortunately they didn't notice the Target shipping label I forgot on the side of the box!!

My brother and sister-in-law sent them dolls that they brought home from a recent trip to Peru and the girls love them.  They are beautiful!

I'm not going to list every present, those are the highlights.  Chopper bought me a serger!!!  I am so so excited because I do like to make clothes for the girls every now and then and it will be very useful at giving a professional finished look to things that I sell at craft fairs.  Since my friend is taking her queen bed back that we've been keeping in our spare room, it's officially going to be a major sewing room!!  That means if you come to visit, you get the couch!  No offense.  :)

I mostly gave Chopper money for clothes (yes, that he earns) and also some great books for him to read.  We spent the day at home in our pajamas watching movies and playing with toys and it was such a great, low-key Christmas with almost no fighting (because none would not be normal) and very little complaining!



I'm anticipating next year already.  I'm planning to clean and organize the house in January and get on a better routine of family scripture reading and Family Home Evening.  It's going to be a big year I think.  Abby will start kindergarten and William will be potty-trained (hopefully) and switch to a twin bed.  I'm sure that that won't be all!!! 

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Alicia said...

Cute pictures. I'm glad you had a Christmas day with little fighting. That is a great thing for a mom to have.