Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Found My Camera!!

In other words, really long post here.  Be warned.  But that's what happens when you haven't cleaned your house in a month, you get a backlog.

So first up are some pictures from our night at the Arboretum and their new 12 Days of Christmas display.  Awesome, awesome displays and we had a great time, even if it was on the coldest November day on record!

Lords a Leaping

We took all 3 strollers so that they could stay bundled up.  For the girls it was great, William still wanted to walk. 

Yes that's my old Strawberry Shortcake hat.  He loves hats.

My favorite display of course -- Nine Ladies Dancing.  It was funny though because of the crowd that was around this display, I think that every woman was oohing and ahhing over the dresses.  They were divine. 

The pumpkins are still out!!

William literally walked around with the hat over his eyes the entire time.  He was would watch the ground but couldn't see anything else so he bumped into a lot of stuff and when we would call to him to stay with us he would turn around and lift the hat up to see where we were and then pull it back down and start walking again.  It was cute. 

Cold Texas air + no humidity + lots of layers = great static hair!

Ok quick spiel on Thanksgiving.  We invited 2 families over to join us but only had about 13 people which was just about perfect.  Chopper smoked a turkey again and again, it turned out really delicious.  Hmmmm what else?  Sports, eating, talking.  That's about it!  No pictures.

Yesterday we had to get the kids out of the house so we went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens since we'll be back at the Arboretum with Grandma this week (yay!).  I could not get over how BEAUTIFUL the fall colors were -- especially in the Japanese Garden.  I'm pretty sure that they were the best I've seen since we've lived in Texas.  And it was 70 degrees.  Wonderful!!! 
This picture is totally staged.  Still melts my heart.

Turtles!!  William did not want to leave this spot.  Even after they swam away because he started throwing things at them (acorns, leaves, nothing serious).

12 years in a week!!!  Yay!!  And Abby in the background trying to show us a leaf.

Because they were cool!  I don't know what kind of tree this was but all the leaves were a combination of colors -- bright orangey-red, green, and purple.  They were beautiful.

Throwing leaves . . .  

 And making leaf angels.

Ok Japaense Gardens -- I'm telling you it was divine. 


We bought some fish food to feed the koi.  William liked to get right up to them (they come out of the water with their mouths open) and drop it right in.  I was worried his fingers were going to get eaten.  We spent a lot of time here!


We're walking up a path and Abby runs up to this tree and gives it a random hug and shouts, "I love magnolias!!!!!"  She wants a magnolia party for her birthday.  Not sure how I'm going to pull that one off . . . 

Of course we've also been decorating for Christmas.  I've been seeing the beautifully decorated trees in stores and online and have been feeling a little wistful (?) that that's not our tree but it's expensive to deck one out.  Then yesterday I had an epiphany watching the kids play and turn the lights off and on and that is that they love it.  Maybe someday I'll have a beautifully decorated tree (all stars and silver and white!), but for now, it's pretty much their favorite part of Christmas with our random ornaments and spotlight lights and drapey things that don't match.  And that's wonderful.

Not staged and super cute.  Megan didn't want to be in the picture.  Too bad!

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Alicia said...

So glad you found the camera. Here is how I got our tree decked out. I started going to Hobby Lobby one week after Christmas and buying $10-15 dollars of their clearance items. Sometimes you can get stuff 75% off if it is after New Years. One year I got a tree stand that spins (it's amazing) and it was 90% off of $ $5 for that baby. Love it. Anyway, a little each year and you will be set.