Friday, November 14, 2014


I'm just going to say it because it's mostly out there anyway.

I guess we're not moving.

Several months back, Chopper's bosses/managers/people that he works for -- told him about a job in Phoenix that they thought he would be a good fit for.  They, in fact, were recommending him for the position.  We waited a few months for the job to open and Chopper applied.  Then it was several more weeks before he interviewed.  In all this time too we've been fixing up the house to sell.  Not that it needs a lot of TLC, but we've been doing things that we've wanted to do over the years and just haven't -- replace the back door so it doesn't leak, tile the kitchen, clean the house.  Oh wait, I should do that one just because!

His interview went really really well.  And the investigation for his clearance is happening.  We so thought this was in the bag.

Now we think it's not.  We found out today he's not the first pick.  So if first pick turns the job down, we'll get the offer.  But how likely is that?  Ok who really knows.  But I think now it's more likely to not happen.

And I'm irritated!!  Partly because it's government and I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.  Shouldn't have started preparing -- I mean, at least my house is clean right?  Ok not right in this moment anyway but you know what I mean.  

I don't necessarily want to leave Dallas mind you, but when you think something's going to happen you start preparing and then when it falls through, you're left . . . just left.

Maybe I'm focusing too much on the what-ifs and should be more immersed in the here and now.  And since I hate the unknown, I should probably be grateful that now we know something.  Still, I feel a little bit disappointed and a little bit cheated.

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Alicia said...

That is probably really hard. I've never had that kind of lurch in job plans, but we did end up in Memphis instead of the 7 schools we chose ahead of it and that was super hard. It was really hard when people got their first choice and we got...our eighth. Ugh. But I hope the feeling passes quickly and you are able to enjoy the beauty of Dallas again. And hey...we are applying for a fellowship there, so who knows, maybe we could be neighbors again?