Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Can't Find My Camera

I just had it about a week ago because we went to see a new holiday display at the Arboretum AT NIGHT.  Can I tell you how excited the girls were to go to the Arboretum at night?  Nevermind that it was the coldest day Dallas has seen at this time of year in possibly ever, we still went.  And had a great, short, family outing.

But I can't find my camera to show you the details!!

Part of the problem is that I'm getting ready for my first ever craft show selling giant potholder/pads and possibly fabric flag bunting and so every moment that I'm not involved in kid care, I'm sewing.  The house is a wreck and things are out of wack anyway because of the move that didn't happen.  The craft fair is Dec. 1st so I'm hoping to get everything done by next Wednesday.  That will give me one day to clean and prepare for Thanksgiving because we're having friends over again.  Then Friday I can figure out my display, Saturday is set up the Christmas decorations, Sunday is Sunday, Monday is clean the house AGAIN because my mom is coming to visit on Tuesday!!  Whew!!  Yeah I've been busy.  But it's of my own making so I can't complain.

Except about not being able to find the camera.

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Gary Shirley Ann Aston Family Blog said...

Kristy, I just love your blog! This one is exceptionally beautiful, perhaps because I love the fall! You have such a darling family, and I can hardly believe it will be 12 years in a week...I remember it like it was yesterday!