Friday, April 4, 2014

You Have to Write that Down

I tend to write the funny little things that the kids say on Facebook because it's a quicker, easier access than logging into the blog.  But as I've been finishing last years blog book it's been a very tedious process to take all of that commentary and get into the book so I need to try to more regularly write stuff here even when it seems too little.

So today out of the blue Megan said to Chopper,
Daddy, sometimes my brain talks to me.
Chopper -- What does it say to you?
Megan -- I don't know.
Chopper -- That's ok because sometimes my brain talks to me.
Megan -- Can you hear it?
Chopper -- Sort've, I can hear it in my head.
Megan -- I can hear mine for real.

Megan does a lot of talking and imaginative play by herself although I don't think that she actually talks to herself (at least not the way that I talk to myself!).  But sometimes it's all about perspective.  So is she actually hearing voices or is she just thinking?  Kind've a funny little conversation though!

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