Sunday, April 13, 2014

Laughter and Tears

We assumed (correctly it turns out) that Aaron's headstone would be in place by now.  Yesterday we drove out to the cemetery to see it.  I really like national cemeteries.  I like regular ones too, especially ones with really old graves, but I like that at a national cemetery it's well-kept and organized and beautiful.  Chopper loves that Aaron is in good company with those who have served our nation and their family members.
Chopper and I didn't know that his name would be on it but it makes sense since everyone in a national cemetery is either military or military related.  It's a nice headstone.  Simple.

After we stopped to see some bluebonnets and got an education about them from Megan.  Near the cemetery there were large stretches of highway where the sides and medians were purple from bluebonnets.  People were pulled over in cars taking their pictures (Texas tradition).  We found a small patch somewhere a little less busy instead.
Megan was adamant that we not pick them because they are the state flower.  

I should catch up here a little bit -- General Conference was really good.  The girls particularly loved the dollar store makeup I put in one of their conference bags.  Megan isn't too bad at it, other than her choice of colors.  She wanted to wear makeup to school the next day.  I told her she couldn't wear makeup in public until she's 12.  And then rethought myself and said 16.  Then she asked if maybe it would be a good idea if she started wearing makeup at 19.  We're going with that.

She also had her kindergarten musical performance last Tuesday.  We knew how she would act since she she refuses to sing and gets upset with all the primary performances but I was a little worried when she somehow ended up in the front row, the very center person.  So she started like this: 

And then started to cry (quietly at least) and covered her face.  I had her teacher move her in between songs to the end of the row. 

And she stayed there and cried the entire performance.  Thank goodness it was short.  Then we went for ice cream afterwards because she was very brave to stay up there.  But she told me "mommy I wasn't brave I was scared."  All I wanted to do was rescue her but Chopper's right, she does need to learn and grow from negative experiences as well as positive.  Don't we all? 

 I think her first field trip was a hit though.  Friday she went with her class to the zoo and I purposely did not help chaperone -- both for her sake and mine.  She told me that she was homesick when they saw the giraffes but seems to have enjoyed it otherwise.

This week will be pretty quiet I think as we prepare for Easter and enjoy our spring weather.  And our tortilla faces. 

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Alicia said...

It was special to see Aaron's headstone. I felt a little bad that I laughed so hard at the tortilla face since it was mixed in with the sacredness of your cemetery visit. You can share with Megan that courage is not the absence of fear but continuing through the fear, which she did. Good girl.