Friday, March 14, 2014

Life Goes On

Not that it shouldn't.  But I'll say one thing - having 3 children at home who need your love and attention certainly makes life go on!  So here's a few things that have occupied our time the past few weeks.

Exercising with Grandma

Megan's stick horse parade.  This was the culminating activity to their Texas history unit.  Megan made her own stick horse and wore western clothing (which we had to figure out pretty quickly!). 

But she actually really enjoyed the parade at school and all the kids were really cute. 

Megan's class 

A new Firestone store opened up near us and they had a race car and a monster truck.  We HAD to take William of course and just went all together as a family.  It was actually pretty cold that day but he loved the cars! 

This week has been spring break and we went to the Arboretum on Monday.  They've done a birds exhibit and we missed most of it but loved these peacocks with their flower tails. 

Face painting of course. 

Megan lost her first tooth!  The hole is on the bottom on the right side and now the one next to it is wiggly as well.  The tooth fairy brought her a "golden dollar" which she is excited to take to the Dollar Tree and buy a toy.

We had our first "asking incident" today.  I don't know what else to call it.  After all my babies I've had that period where I still look pregnant of course.  After William I had a cashier at a store ask me when I was due and I lied and told her I had a few more months.  But today we went to the park and there was a new girl there from our ward.  SO I can't really lie about it when I'm going to get to know her better (hopefully).  So she asked when I was due and I told her I had already had the baby.  She apologized and said "I didn't see a baby so I thought maybe you were still pregnant.  How is the baby doing?"  So I told her he had passed away.  She was REALLY apologetic at that point of course and I kept telling her it was ok (and it is -- it happens) but kind've was on the verge of losing it and I didn't really know what to say next.  Fortunately my mom jumped in and started asking her questions about where she was from, etc.  I actually feel really bad for her because I'm sure she felt terrible!  But I knew the questions would happen sometime.  She just got to be the first.


Trulee said...

The question that always hangs me up is, "How many kids do you have?" If I'm honest I run the risk of follow up questions, and then I run the risk of crying. If you find a good response, let me know.

The JL McGregor Family said...

I'm glad your mom was there to help both of you! And I'm also glad that life keeps on keeps on going. It helps!

I think Trulee is right on--you'll always have the how many question, and you will have to make a decision every time you get it. We'll have to talk about it over lunch someday soon. Love you!