Saturday, March 22, 2014

All the noise, noise, noise!

You know at the beginning of the The Grinch one of the things he complains about is the noise?  I feel the same way.  Between shrieking children, tv or radio, and trying to have adult conversation, there are days that really what I want more than anything else is peace and quiet.  But lately I've been taking video of "noise" that I actually enjoy coming from the kids.

Megan had major dental work done on Wednesday (with IV sedation so she doesn't remember a thing thank goodness!) so I bought Frozen and saved it for her recovery.  We already have the sound track so have been singing pretty much nonstop since Christmas.  Abby is a good little singer actually and not afraid to belt it out in front of people.  She's a showman actually.  Megan on the other hand is incredibly off-key and will NOT sing if she thinks anyone is listening to her.  So the other day she was really into it and I had to take secret video of her rendition of "Let it Go" -- it's that good!

William is such a boy and loves his cars.  This is just a video of him playing with cars and making car noises.

But he also has the best laugh in the world.  Seriously!  It's hard to get it on camera because I have to play with him to get him to laugh and then I can't take the video so I finally got some fun stuff the other day when he shut himself in the pantry.  He thought it was hilarious for my mom to try and get him under the door.

Chopper with all the kids.  They love it when daddy comes home and they get to climb all over him.

We've had nice weather and popsicles in the freezer for Megan's teeth.  They love being outside with popsicles.

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Denise Gasser said...

I haven't checked blogs in AGES! This post cheered my soul:) I love how you have captured the simple joys of having kids amidst the chaos. It really is worth it, isn't it? Your kids are so cute and sweet. Good job Kristy!