Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day!!!

Texas crazy weather has begun!!

Monday night for family home evening we went to see the lights at Frisco Square and it was so nice we were in shirt sleeves walking around!  Afterwards we went for frozen yogurt.  It was a great night!  The next 3 days were in the 70s and then yesterday the temperature started dropping.

Today's a snow day!!  Well an ice day.  We're all home with power thank goodness so snug and warm.  But they had to go out in it of course this morning.  It really is a crust of icy snow that they didn't even sink through but they had a good half hour of sliding around and pulling icicles off of things. 

According to the weather it could be like this all weekend.  I'm hoping it warms up by Sunday . . .  I like snow in very very small amounts.  This should do it for me for the rest of the year!!

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