Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Miniature Housewarming

I was a big fan of dolls when I was younger.  Specifically Barbie dolls.  In fact, I played with Barbies for a lot longer than I care to make public.

I loved going to my Grandma's house because she had big bins full of Barbies and clothes and we would confiscate a corner of the living room next to the piano and create beds and things with handkerchiefs and boxes.  I always wanted a dollhouse and, to his credit, my dad made me one for one Christmas.  It didn't have anything in it and I don't think I used it that long but I had one!  And I almost feel like it's a rite of passage for a little girl to have a dollhouse!!!

Chopper agrees and Megan and Abby do like to pretend with dolls -- just not Barbies.  So we bought a kit, Chopper painted and glued and tore things apart and glued again.  He spent a lot of hours putting this amazing dollhouse together for our girls!!
And after he finished it -- I got to decorate!!!  I think I did more than he expected -- we were going to leave it fairly bare bones -- but I couldn't help myself!!  Today I finished the last touches!  Although then I thought of a few more things . . . . but Christmas is coming and I have other things that need to be done so it's finished for now.  I'll add more later!!!  In the meantime, this has been too fun for Chopper and I.  And I can't wait to see their faces when they get it!!  So on to the house tour!

The whole house from the back -- 4 rooms and an attic space with partial walls so they're only somewhat separated.

Living Room
I LOVE red and white and tried to go for a more modern spin with the gray wall.  But as I got decorating I realized I am a girly girl and more traditional than I pretend to be.  Every window has lace curtains!!  This room I made all the furniture.  I used an online tutorial for the couch and chairs and the rug and the table is an empty thread spool with a wooden disk glued to the top and then of course the tablecloth!  The bird on the back wall is the art work of my very very talented sister-in-law Denise.  I kind've scaled it down and I hope that's ok with her . . . 

See that dark spot next to the door?  The doorknob came with tiny keys!!  But obviously they will be the first thing to disappear (probably in someone -- ahem Abby's -- mouth) so they're at the door.  And my crooked chair art from a piece of fabric I love.

I was not confident in my DIY skills for the kitchen so the only thing I did myself was the art on the right side -- just graphics printed off and matted with scrapbook paper.

The scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby has these vintage cards that were awesome!!  So there's baking ones in the kitchen, sewing ones in the attic, and a first aid one in the bathroom!  


bed quilt -- folded fabric star -- super easy to make and adorable!  I used a friends machine to embroider the flowers on the pillowcases to match.  I need one of those things . . . 
The bedroom furniture I also bought on clearance because you can't get better than that!

The artwork is mine and the clock is a Hobby Lobby charm.  I HAD to buy miniature books for every room in the house.  Every house needs books!!!

The art above the bed is from a thank you card -- there is so much cute stuff out there!

This is almost totally DIY!!!  Toilet is a shampoo cap glued to a dental floss container (with floss inside, I couldn't get it out) and the sink is the bottom half of a $1 hutch from Michaels with a polymer clay sink with random stuff making up faucets and toilet paper holders, etc.  Bathtub is some kind of dollar store ramekin.

The mirror is just tin foil glued to a wooden round.  I didn't want to use a mirror piece because of sharp edges. 

You have to have a mini-sewing room with a quit in progress and bolts of cloth!

And a Christmas tree. 
And that's it!!  Still room to grow and maybe decorate for the holidays but it turned out soooo cute!!!


Linda King said...

Kristy you are amazingly talented--where do you get all your energy???, and Chopper did a great job also. I love the colors the fabrics and clever accents, toilet, adorable bedspread, art work...I could go on, it basically is perfect and I wish I could be there as your girls take it all in. Take lots of pics.

Dad said...

Wow! This looks so amazingly similar to the one you had as a little girl - especially all of the decorating. I remember your mother working for months decorating, and completing the carpet for the living room. :)

What I want to know is where our children get all of their creativity from - certainly not from me or mom.

This will be just a fantastic Christmas for your girls.

Alicia said...

Kristy and Chopper--my hats off to you! Your girls will love it. How did you make the toilet paper roll? I can't believe how much time and effort you went through to make it so perfect. You have a lot of love!

Denise Gasser said...

I am literally speechless! This is completely amazing Kristy. I'm so impressed...and I think I want to live there:)