Thursday, June 27, 2013

Swim Lesson Success!

Today was show-off day for swim lessons.  Megan and Abby have been going every day for the past two weeks and although it's meant a drive to Carrollton and late naps, it's been totally worth it.  Megan and Abby both cried A LOT the first day but now they're both fish!  Or almost.  I am so pleased with their progress.  They're both diving for rings, jumping in, they know what to do to be safe around the pool and if they accidentally get pushed into the pool.  They can both "motorboard" which is kicking with heads down and hands clasped ahead of them and towards the end of this week have been learning to add arms.  Of course that means coordination and so needs some work since some of that is genetic . . . 

I haven't named my videos so I can't tell at this moment which is which but 2 of them are the girls jumping in and swimming to the side and one is a long video of them swimming where Megan especially does a dynamic job.

So happy to be at swim lessons!  They have been excited to go every day.

Abby practicing her kicking.  She loses it in the water and ends up dog-paddling a lot which is somewhat appropriate given that she acts like a dog most of the time . . .

Monkey walk -- how you get around the pool when you're looking for a step.  They did a lot of safety and always repeated the pool rules at the beginning of class, one of which was always go swimming with your parents.

Abby and her teacher Miss Heather and her final award.

Megan and Miss Heather.

There's a second session in July that I did not sign the girls up for but I will definitely be signing the girls up next summer as well.  Of course they still need supervision but it makes me feel so much better to know that they have basic safety skills in place and that they won't panic when they go underwater.  Huge success!!!

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