Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Days

It's Saturday.  Chopper's outside smoking a brisket and drinking Dr. Pepper.  The girls have spent the morning in the little pool and William's been running amuck inside.  I got some errands in, KID-FREE -- it's a good day so far.  The temperature is already in the 90s and guaranteed to go higher next week I think.  And I thought I'd share a bunch of random pictures I found.

Megan found her Lizzie doll all tied up after playgroup about a week ago.  Kind've morbid I thought!

Chocolate chip cookies and pajamas! 

Last Monday we went to the neighborhood pool for Family Home Evening.  It was William's first pool experience (well, out of the womb) and I couldn't help but take some pictures with his fat rolls, well, rolling:

Yep.  Not suffering!  Actually the therapists called and we can start his feeding therapy.  He's eating bits and pieces really well and not doing much gagging and choking.  Last Wednesday he even ENJOYED a piece of black licorice!  We love strong flavors over here!  He's still not taking a cup at all so I might do a few therapy appointments to see what they have to say about that.

 We spent a beautiful morning Friday at the Arboretum with some friends.  We waited in line for face painting and of course Abby was a puppy dog and Megan a kitty cat.  We've been talking about doing Alice in Wonderland as a family for Halloween.  I think Megan would make the cutest Alice but she wants to be the Cheshire cat and Abby wants to be the brush puppy -- watch the movie (Disney animated one) and you'll see.  Abby LOVES dogs.  She switches into puppy dog mode at the drop of a hat and will only bark at you instead of talking.  She also carries her puppy purse EVERYWHERE.  It got left at the library last week -- usually I don't let the girls take anything into public places that can be separated from their person but I figured the purse was safe since she wears them across her body (not just over the shoulder).  Nope.  We discovered it's absence after I had strapped all the kids into the car and so we all got out and went back in.  Fortunately, we found it right away.  Lesson learned.

Megan always takes sweet pictures when William's in them with her.

 The girls

And the boys  

This is what happens when Abby takes pictures with William . . . 

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