Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Lessons

Every Mother's Day that goes by I feel more grateful for my own mother and also a little more of a mother myself.  Why is that?  Because I've decided that motherhood is a learning process and not an end result.  Every time something new and stressful happens, I think -- man, I am really a mother now.  And every time something sweet happens with the girls I think -- I am so glad I am a mom.  So this weekend, these were my mommy moments:

First, I realized how different my girls are.
That may sound cliche but it's so true.  I picked up a rocking snail (rather than a horse) at a garage sale yesterday.  Both girls were very excited but Megan took a little bit to learn to get in and out of the snail.  She wanted a lot of help.  Abby, after the first time of being placed in and out, wanted to do it all herself.  Even after falling out she got back up and tried it again.  She'll be my daredevil I think.  Megan my cautious one. 

Second, as much as you love your children, you still need some time off!  
Chopper took the girls all day yesterday and I spent the day browsing quilt shops, eating by myself, and attended a writing seminar.  It was fabulous!  And not only did I come back filled with inspiration and ready to quilt and write, I can back rested and rejuvenated from time without having to constantly watch!

Finally, never car shop with children.  Wow.  It's worse of a pain than just plain old car shopping!  But beware, if you trust your husband with it, you have to abide by his decision.
So I guess I have to live with the mini-van that Chopper bought.  Actually, I'm really really excited and I know this is a terrible picture but it's an awesome car.  And no this doesn't mean #3 is on the way, but I hope so soon.  We're planning ahead.   

After all, I still have more lessons about motherhood to learn I'm sure!


aidanjordan said...

Ok, I admit it- I totally Googled and found your blog. I love reading people's blogs. Especially when they are (relatively) new in the ward. It just helps me get to know people so much faster. Hope you don't mind! ;)

Anyway, I love the differences in Megan and Abby. As much as I try not to compare my two, I find myself doing it all the time. I always thought #2 would be a breeze. I didn't factor in personality differences!

Alicia said...

love the van. totally jealous.