Sunday, May 29, 2011

And then they were gone :(

I love when my parents come to visit.  I have really wonderful memories of spending time with my grandparents and am still close to my grandma and I want my children to have that with my parents as well.  It's been nice that my dad's company has a plant just south of Dallas because my mom can come with him every so often and then we see my dad on the weekend too.  Megan and Abby just love it!  We came home from church today and Megan wants to know where Grandma and Grandpa are!

Of course, it helps that Grandma brings presents right?  This time it included some clothes when a woman in her ward.  Megan loves dresses and so is really excited about those but particularly loved the Cinderella dress.  Of course!

We took my mom a few places that she hadn't been before.  First we went to downtown McKinney.  I would say historic but when the buildings are all less than 100 years old, it doesn't really feel historic.  We had a nice time just looking at shops and fun things.  I found Megan some new wings (her last ones from the Dollar Store fell apart from use) and Abby enjoyed them as well.  I'm not sure she even knew they were there!

Another shot of Abby somewhere she's not supposed to be . . . 

 Abby gives kisses now . . . sort've.  She puckers up and puts her face on yours.  It's very sweet!

Thursday we went to the Dallas Arboretum.  Even though the tulips were gone, it still was beautiful.  In addition to the princess castles, they had a series of flower houses for the Beatrix Potter characters -- Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck -- all of those.
 Abby and Grandma

 The girls loved sitting in the Little Mermaid throne -- it was pretty neat!

 I think this is squirrel Nutkin's house -- I'm not very familiar with these stories but it makes sense, there are squirrels here . . . 

 And I have no idea what this little one was either!

 But this is Peter Cottontail all made out of grass and ginormous!

 Abby loves walking but holds on for dear life so I think we have a little while longer before she gets adventurous enough to go for it on her own.  Thank goodness.

 Megan and Grandma

 I loved hydrangeas.  I think they're probably my favorite flower!

 No trip is complete without playing on the statuary.  Don't I look lovely?  Heat and humidity just don't make me look good but I think I would rather look terrible than be cold.  But why can't I be warm and beautiful???  It's a conspiracy.

 This is the poetry garden but we first came at it from above and it was like a little Secret Garden so it has now been renamed.  And it was a secret discovering how to get into it, especially with a double-stroller!

 Megan loved it and wanted to feed all the flowers.  It was framed on one side with the most gorgeous pink lilies I think I've every seen!

 Megan of the Lilies

Then Grandpa came for the weekend and even though it took Abby a little bit to remember him, once she did, she loved him again! 

 Kisses -- Grandpa you need to smile more!

On Saturday we took them to the Fort Worth Stockyards because my mom is a little bit of a cowboy fanatic.  We shopped, saw the Longhorn cattle herded (very slowly) and she rode a cow!!  Now that gives new meaning to the word "cowgirl"!

Abby loved the cows too --especially the furry stuffed ones.  We didn't let her hug the real ones.

Megan didn't want to leave this little stagecoach.  She just loves everything that is just her size.

Cowgirls together.  Abby at this point is really hungry and exhausted so the thumb doesn't leave the mouth.

So we went for lunch and she drank nearly this entire cup of milk (no, not Dr. Pepper) while we were waiting for food.  Poor girl!

We ate at Riskey's BBQ -- supposedly the original BBQ place in all of Texas.  But I think the neon lights came later . . . 

Megan refused to have her picture taken.  Since that's typical -- we took it anyway!

Then home again home again to celebrate Chopper's birthday!  Number 34!

He got shirts and an electric bush trimmer (ooooohhhh) and a grill (ahhhhh) and this wonderful set of salt and pepper shakers from my parents.  Ahh, the tradition continues.
What tradition?  Well we buy ugly salt and pepper shakers for each other.  It started with our wedding registry.  Chopper wanted something with character and my parents thought that was really funny so they bought us the most horrible pig shakers you have every seen.  Really.  And we've just gone back and forth now for 8 years.  They usually end up with a story attached -- like how my aunt and uncle stole the DI squirrel shakers.  So if you every see any that are truly hideous out there, please let me know.  We have a reputation to uphold!

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Amanda said...

So, there is another collector out there. My uncle Al inherited my grandmother's large (and hideous) salt and pepper shaker collection. In my travels, I'm always sure to pick him up a set. The best ones so far had to be this multi colored sequined set from Sweden. I've been on the look out for a good garden gnome set here in Germany. So far, no luck though.