Saturday, December 11, 2010

This is Christmas

Our stake is hosting a nativity display for the weekend and Chopper and I took the girls today as part of our Christmas advent calendar activities.  And that's a whole other story!  The cultural hall was beautifully decorated and there were so many nativities!  They had a scavenger hunt for kids to do (which we didn't), but some of the items on there were to find nativities made of walnuts, wooden blocks, and duct tape.  Very clever that one, it didn't even look like duct tape!  Of course I couldn't resist taking pictures of the myriad of nativity quilts that were on the walls.  Now I know what my mission is in preparation for next Christmas -- a nativity quilt!

 They also had a life-size stable set up in one corner that was really nice . . . 

And they also had a children's room with nativities that the kids could play with, a cute and simple manger craft, and a spot set up to sit and read Christmas books.  Of course Megan's favorite thing was the teeny tiny sheep.  She kept asking to go back to that!  
I love these reminders of what Christmas is really about!

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