Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Speech Development

One of my favorite things about this time in Megan's life is her speech development.  She tries to say everything and there's a lot of repetition in our home.  But sometimes she just can't quite get there . . . today when we started to watch Finding Nemo, the Disney logo with the castle came up.  We've recently watched Cinderella and I told her that was her castle.  Today after she saw it she said to me, "Look!  It's vanilla's castle!"  She also calls granola "granilla" so something's going on there . . .

Occasionally she also says something to me that's a common phrase I use with her.  Fortunately for me it hasn't been anything rude or sassy (not that I am ever rude or sassy!), so right now it just makes me laugh.  Today at lunch I heard HER familiar phrase -- "what you want?" which is her way of asking for something else.  I've been trying to break her of this by getting her to tell me what SHE wants but she's still not quite there and so I give her her options.  Today after several options were turned down, I offered her more cranberries.  She paused a moment and said "I can do that."  Which is what I say when she gives me options and I finally hear an acceptable one (you know, not cookies, chips, or cupcakes)!  I just had to smile to myself.

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