Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Lights For Grandpa

Frisco Sqaure is a area in Frisco where the library and city hall are at one end and then flanked by large buildings with shops on the bottom and residences on the top.  The whole square does a synchronized light show every year that includes about 100,000 lights and is sync'ed to music that plays on the radio.  So as you drive through the square you're watching this light display that is really fabulous.  We've been a few times but last night I took some video.  The reason it's for Grandpa is that Trans-Siberian Orchestra is quite possibly his favorite Christmas music ever and those are mainly the songs I recorded.  And then Megan really got into the spirit of things and kept wanting to say Merry Christmas so there's a little bit of that too!

I actually took some great video that's about 2 minutes long and includes the strands of lights that stretch over the street between the buildings but it all takes so long to download I don't know if I'll include it.  Besides, you really just have to see this to get the full effect I think.

Ok I know that this video is dark but like I said, Megan really got persistent about saying Merry Christmas for the camera so here she is one last time (at least you can hear her!):

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