Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's been one week without internet and I feel like I live in the dark ages!! Nearly every day something would come up that I would think -- oh I'll check that out online, or, what's the weather like, and WHOOPS! no computer. Until today! My friend (and wonderful lady who is now the Primary President instead of me) Nicole gave me their laptop to use until I leave!! How sweet is that? It will make life so much easier since Megan has been impossible these past few days . . . I can't say I blame her. She misses Chopper and the only way she can express that is through total meltdowns. Sometimes I want to have meltdowns too!! We're actually doing pretty well though -- staying busy seems to be the key. Chopper sent her a mammoth stuffed animal in the mail -- it's from Ice Age and the first thing she asked after pulling it out of the box was where Sid and Scrat and the acorn were! But she loves that thing. I'm slowly getting packed up, only 2 more weeks until we go to my parents and then on to Dallas eventually.

Oh and Chopper bought a house. Everyone looks at me incedulously that I let Chopper buy a house without even seeing it. I completely trust his judgement on structural stuff -- he's done enough building and carpentry to know what's good and what's not -- as for style? Well I think we're similar in that but I guess I'll find out when I get there! Great news though -- it's on a cul-de-sac! I love that the girls will have a low-traffic location to ride bikes and play. It also has a fenced backyard and 4 bedrooms -- plenty of room to grow our family in but not too much to clean! I'm slowly getting over the sense of being overwhelmed and starting to get excited about decorating. Chopper says the house is done in nice neutral colors already that we can keep but I'm starting to scheme about how to do Megan's room. I've been thinking about that one since before she was born!! Oh and now that I have a computer, I'll be able to research out ideas -- yippee!!

Still no pictures since Chopper does have the camera though -- that will have to wait until we are at my parents and I can confiscate their camera!!

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