Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

It was a traditional 4th for us this year: barbecue, fireworks, and family. The hot dogs were good and burnt (well, Chopper did burn a few just for me) and we spent some good time with his family. The fireworks, that's another story. I think it went better than last year anyway. Chopper made sure to get quiet ones but they still do the crackly thing. The first few were ok, but on the first crackly firework, Megan got scared and ran away. She spent the rest of the time watching fireworks in the house. Needless to say, we did not stay up late to see the display in Spotsylvania County! I think it will be a few years until we can go to a real fireworks display again. Of course Abby couldn't care less.

I'm trying to remember to take pictures of the girls with their grandparents before we leave. I'm still not doing so good, but I did get a nice one of Abby and Grandpa Whittacre. And Abby and me. And Abby and Chopper. Abby smiles at the drop of the hat so it's easy to get cute pictures!

Megan on the other hand seems to get grumpier the more I try to get her to smile. But she loves to look at pictures of herself. I took several of her with her cousins Eve and Sophie before the fireworks began and I finally gave up because she just looked mad. So instead, I have to get her to show me things and then I'll get something halfway decent. No parades for us this year, but Megan looks like she's ready for one and she did wave her flag pretty much all day (except at church of course!).

I love celebrating the 4th of July! Oh and I forgot we made chocolate chip cookies today and Megan got to lick a beater! I think this is her favorite thing -- making cookies. And she pretty much has to taste every part of it. I actually really enjoy making things in the kitchen with her. Whenever we crack eggs she yells "cracking cracking, I'm out!" -- a line (with her own twist on it) from the book Ollie by Olivier Dunrea -- I love his books. She's gotten really good at dumping ingredients in the bowl without spilling and loves to stir. She's a really careful child so it's a lot of fun to cook with her!

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