Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby Burrito?

When I ask Megan to say or sing something, she gets softer -- so I apologize if it's hard to hear. She was walking around singing the baby burrito song and I thought it was cute. I'm trying to keep up with pictures and videos of both girls and this to me is a keeper!

The song actually started with Megan when she was small. I sang to her when I got her out of the bathtub because she screamed about having to get out and she has a bright blue hooded towel. The tune is Baby Beluga but the words are: Baby burrito in a bright blue towel, you look so nice and you smell so sweet. Your hair has been rubbed and your toes have been scrubbed, you're just a little baby headed off to bed. Baby burrito, baby burrito, have you had a bath? Are you nice and clean and so sweet smelling? (And then repeat the first part).

1 comment:

Alicia said...

So cute! I love Raffi! This is a great version of his little ditty.