Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spelling conundrum

We'll we've entered a new phase -- and it's causing a bit of an issue. Megan is picking up and using words so fast. Today out of the blue while having dinner and Grandpa and Grandma Whittacres she announced, "go home". And then on the way home when I asked Chopper for chapstick, in the back seat she started asking repeatedly for "chatstic" and got upset when I didn't give her any. She loves the stuff but the way she applies it it's probably a good thing I don't wear lipstick!

So now we've moved into the realm of spelling things when we don't want her to understand. THe problem is that Chopper is a horrific speller. Case in point: boion quibs = boullion cubes. It took a while for him even to figure that one out and he wrote it! It's always made me laugh, and proofread everything he writes, but now when he talks to me, Megan's not the only one who has no idea what he's saying!!

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Melissa and Brandon said...

Im commenting on this blog cause I didnt think you would notice if I put it on the one where you announced that you are pregnant!! You know that our babies are only weeks apart and now we are both pregnant again at the same time and due only weeks apart!! Im due April 7th!! How funny!!! I guess great minds think alike!! Oh and your baby is just too cute and I love reading all about her!!! Olivia is doing the same things!! She copies everything we say we have to be careful. Hahaha