Friday, October 2, 2009

Crafty, crafty

Chopper and I have both been busy and now we need to show off! We've been anticipating the expense of putting Megan into a bed when (or before) the baby comes and I don't believe in toddler beds so it's meant a lot of looking and A LOT of sticker shock. Then Chopper remembered an old twin his parents had that was broken. Thank goodness for a handy husband!!! Some repairs, new stain, and a decorative touch and VOILA! It's pretty much a brand new bed! I'm very proud of him and it looks great.

I on the the other hand have been getting too excited for Halloween. I pulled out our decorations a week ago but we don't have very many and not a lot of money to spend either so I've been trying to make things around the house useful. I don't do scary Halloween -- just fun stuff. I realized the other day that our bedroom lamps are the right shade for monster's faces and so add a little felt with tape and again -- VOILA! I think it's goofy cute.

Oh and I'm learning new math skills as a mom:
car ride + quilt shop browsing + unknown variable = screaming banshee of a child. My easy life is definitely at an end!

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jamesandkista said...

WOW! You are super talented!