Friday, October 30, 2009

Big News!!!

We had our midway point ultrasound today. I love it! I love seeing all the little parts and the movement. Everything looks good according to the tech and it's a . . . drumroll please . . . baby girl!! Chopper's "intuition" wasn't right I guess! I'm supremely jealous (in a very very excited and can't contain myself kind of way) that Megan is getting a sister. We've been so boy-focused though that now we've got to start thinking girl names and such! Fun fun fun! In addition to the paper copies, the tech gave us a CD with pictures and video so hopefully they come out. She was awfully wiggly and kept putting her hand to her mouth so it looks like we'll have another thumb-sucker on our hands too. Chopper's a little concerned about the amount of estrogen that's going to be floating around our house but he's excited too and grateful that his hearing is already going so he can hopefully get through the squealing years. The one labeled "peace" was actually when the tech was taking pictures of the head and brain and we kept seeing this hand coming up so she moved up a little bit to show us and all of a sudden we're getting a peace sign! Chopper says it's "v" for victory.


jamesandkista said...

Kristy, that video is amazing! I love the ultrasound experience, it is so awesome and exhilerating. I am so excited for you guys, and Chopper, it just means you have to try again for that little boy... ;)

Alicia said...

She is beautiful! Those are the most perfect ultrasound pictures I have EVER seen. I am so happy for you all. We miss you!