Friday, October 23, 2009


Chopper and I decided that since he's still in the maze of the Dept. of Labor (which is very annoying) and he can't work, I would start doing some substitute teaching to bring in a little money to do things like fix the car and have Christmas -- you know, the important stuff! ANYWAY, today was my first day and let me just say it wasn't bad at all but it was difficult in the sense that you walk into a school with little to no awareness of their procedures and protocols and it's very easy to make mistakes concerning them. It's difficult to be fair and consistent with what the school demands.

But I realized something else: I really don't miss it. These Virginia schools are so SOL driven it bothers me -- they even have a specialized version of the SAME TEXT BOOK I USED IN IDAHO -- specifically to coordinate with the SOL's. That must have cost a bundle. I just looked around me at the piles of graded and ungraded papers, the chaos that is the high school classroom, the planning materials and I just thought -- I'm not ready to go back to this. I listened to the teachers in the workroom at lunch about failing students and problems with just stuff and just was glad it wasn't me. I'll sub for a while but just one day has cured me of any longing.

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Alicia said...

Hooray for being a stay at home mom! You know, I don't miss it either and I never actually "worked" as a teacher. My student teaching cured me of any desire to go the schools at least. I think if I were to take a job it would NOT be in the field of education.

We miss you! Hope you are feeling good.