Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just thinking

about our cross-country travels. We've had some interesting experiences, that's for sure.

* On I-40 in Texas there is this massively big cross surrounded by a bunch of smaller crosses. And I do mean massively big. And it's in the middle of nowhere.
* On I-90 we took a day and went to Mt. Rushmore. Little did we know that the local town of Sturgis was having it's annual bike rally that day. I've never seen so much leather in all my life!
* I-90 is exceptionally beautiful -- especially La Crosse, Wisconsin. But beware -- from Pennsylvania to the end of Chicago they will toll you to death.
* One time on our way home from California we decided to detour slightly and go see the London Bridge in Lake Have-a-cow (whoops Havasu), Arizona. Interesting to say the least, especially the little British tourist village underneath. Chopper and I were both in the bathroom (separate ones which almost makes it funnier) when we were accosted by Japanese tourists who didn't understand that voices yelling "OCCUPIED" from the stall meant that someone was in there.
* We were idiots and did not detour to see the Grand Canyon.
* Chopper wants to me to post that we intended to go see the Dr. Pepper factory in Waco, Texas but I refused (stongly -- I don't remember why) and we had the biggest fight of our marriage in Subway's parking lot. But we weren't driving together so that was probably good.
* Speaking of which, we have never driven cross-country in the same car AND we just barely got a cell phone. We've done walkie-talkies instead. How talented are we??!!
* We spent the 4th of July one year driving through Memphis, Tennessee. That was really cool to watch the fireworks go off. Most of the cars on the bridge had pulled over though which made traffic a little dicey.
* On a related note (although not a drive), we flew into Salt Lake City one time on the 24th of July (Pioneer Day) and watched fireworks from the plane.

I'm actually getting excited for this next trip . . . (hint, hint)

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Mark said...

A cell phone, eh? You really are coming up and joining the rest of the people in the world. I'm impressed... too bad you don't tell anyone your number, or who you signed up with.