Friday, October 24, 2008

In a Nutshell:

So these are the highlights of the trip in case any of you are planning on going the same way in the near (or far) future:

1. Thank you to all the truckers who kept Megan entertained and they didn't even know it! They were the biggest thing on the road and she was fascinated watching them drive by.
2. We played tag with an old RV called the "Wanderlodge" which we first saw billowing black smoke in Billings, MT as it tried to make it's way up a hill. Then we passed it again in Bozeman (strike that -- switch the cities) and laughed at seeing it again. THEN WE SAW IT AGAIN IN SIDNEY, NEBRASKA! What are the odds?
3. 25 south through Wyoming -- not so pretty.
4. 80 east is though. Lots of farm country with fields and hills and not too many trees. Chopper said about twenty times, "now this is Americana" or some version of that statement.
5. We saw signs for a few historical places but did not stop: Little Big Horn, site of Custer's Last Stand and Independence Rock were probably the most notable. Oh and the birth places of Buffalo Bill and Ronald Regan. However, we did stop at the World Headquarters of Cabela's in Sidney, Nebraska -- go figure. As a history teacher, I am ashamed to admit this.
6. I still love trees and it was wonderful to see more and more with their colors in full fall regalia. However, I already miss mountains. Can you believe it?
7. Megan was a doll. I think she weathered 4 days in the car better than I did!
8. My parents live in the middle of nowhere and it's just been Megan and I and my dad (dear old Grandpa now which is really weird by the way). My mom is in California at DISNEYLAND and that's just wrong.

Nothing else really to report I think. No major disasters or anything thank goodness and the site-seeing was pretty much nonexistent since we were on a deadline so no really great pictures either (which would probably take me an hour to upload). Probably the next time I post will be Halloween because I am going to dress Megan up.

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