Saturday, September 27, 2008

True Missoulians

I believe that you have to fit into one of the following categories in order to truly belong in Missoula:

1. Ride a moped (preferably with a strange furry hat on your head)
2. Be a Democrat (Chopper refers to the city as "in the tank" for Obama.)
3. Like eccentric and eclectic art (cowboys riding trout has been our favorite so far)
4. Decorate your home and/or yard with aforementioned art (iron dinosauer eating a skeleton is one of the best by far but close runner-ups include life-size aluminum animals and furniture made from antlers)
5. Be a University of Montana Grizzlie fanatic (emphsis on fanatic)
6. Go hiking and/or camping A LOT.

Chopper and I finally fit in -- no no he's not voting for Obama (Erika stop laughing -- the kids need to concentrate!). After a long dry summer without camping (not my idea of fun to hold Megan 24 hours straight while fighting mosquitoes and fire pits) we went on an actual hike today. We found a baby backpack for a great price and tried it out! It's too bad Missoula was hazy because the view was awesome and it was nice to just get out and about a little bit. I wish that we could explore more of Montana this way but it is getting colder and I highly doubt we'll be here next summer.


Amanda said...

The furry hat is called a shapka. I have one if you want me to send it to you so that you can fit in.

E. Coleman said...

Awesome! Made me laugh. Good thing the kids are watching the Powder Puff football game (during 6th hour). Bet you wish you were here!