Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just a Few Moments

These are the ones I'm trying to sear into my memory for recall when she's two, seven, and thirteen and driving me crazy.

I know this looks like she is enjoying carrots, but I think she's enjoying the fact that they are not IN her mouth. I still cannot get this girl to want to eat ANYTHING. She'll open up to drink from a cup in a heartbeat but come near her with a spoon and it's I don't think so.
Megan has been capable of rolling for a while but I think now she understands that she can do it when she's on her stomach. There goes tummy time. It takes her approximately 4 seconds to flip over and she grins hugely the whole time she does it. She is such a little stinker.
This is classic scrunch face and if you look very VERY closely you can see her bottom teeth which are adorable and also terribly painful . . .
I'm so mad about this picture because it is ADORABLE but if you'll notice it's oddly colored and very grainy. My camera has stopped flashing. It's been on the fritz for a while but now . . . I even took this picture with the flash ON, not the auto flash if it needs it. I tried doctoring on the computer but there's only so much you can do with a picture that starts out black. Literally. I guess I know what's going on my Christmas list!


A said...

so cute! I can't believe you have a baby! I know you are a grown up married woman, but I still think of you as my little cousin.

Mark said...

I have to say that the scrunch face is the best thing I have seen Megan do... I couldn't ask for a better face to look at!