Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go Griz!

Today is homecoming for the University of Montana Grizzlies and Missoula is fanatical! We took Megan to the parade and she did really well of course because there was so much to look at! But I have to say that Idaho State's homecoming parades are better. Maybe it was because we actually cheered for ISU and knew people in the parade, etc. or maybe it was because they could throw candy at you. Missoula has an anti-throwing candy rule that gets you kicked out of next year's parade if you do. How ridiculous is that? But we did have a good time.
Not so sure about this whole parade thing -- especially the drums. They were kind've loud.
Of course when Chopper's in charge of the camera the thing he takes a picture of is the WWII jeep with the 50 cal (whatever that is) on the top. We have no idea who the people are that they are gunnin' for (hahaha).
There was a Gaelic group -- I'm sorry but I love bagpipes! Of course, that's in moderation and at appropriate times . . . like parades.
Megan got a balloon! That was almost more fascinating than the parade itself. It moved, it was touchable, and it was LICKABLE! I hope she doesn't have a latex allergy.

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