Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fairy Gardens

Yay Easter baskets!!!  We do ours on Saturday.  I like it a lot better because that way they can enjoy them and get candy crazy and not have to calm down for church.  We kept it pretty simple this year though: some books, one small toy (cars for William, Palace Pets for Megan, and Octonauts for Abby) and then of course the candy.

Conference went well, in part because they had those new toys in addition to conference bags.  I think I actually heard most of it myself!!!

A few weeks back a friend of mine added me to a Facebook group for gardeners and I laughed and laughed.  You see, I don't garden.  I don't enjoy it at all.  I'm of the same mind frame as my dad -- live in a condo with no yard.  Of course I like a yard for the kids but Chopper maintains it.  And I do love nature and the outdoors.  I just don't want to take care of it.

Anyway, one day she posted a picture of an amazing fairy garden made in a broken terra cotta pot.  It was awesome with beautiful plants and whimsical tiny houses and furniture!  And I fell in love!  Because in all honesty I am still about 10 years old at heart -- I still like to dress up, play dollhouse, etc.  I get way more into it than my girls sometimes but oh well.  

So we planned a date and prepared.  I bought wooden birdhouses for the girls to paint.  Megan did hers, I did the other.  I found miniature garden fairy accessories and managed not to go crazy (but I did get some cute stuff).  Abby and I bought flowers and then I decided to throw some herbs in so that it would be a useful garden and it would make me look good (ha!).

So today we planted. 

We only used 3 plants per pot and they're pretty crowded with stuff so I need to get ANOTHER one to plant the rest of my herbs and see how long I can keep them alive.  I just don't ever remember to water . . . 

Megan insisted hers needed to be trimmed back to make more room.  I should have gotten bigger, wider pots really.

This is Megan's -- she painted the house and I made the garland (because I just can't help myself!!!!)

This is Abby's -- I painted the house.  Fairies love bright colors right?!?!

They turned out adorably.  Megan wants me to buy a bridge so that they can put the pots next to each other and the fairies can go from one house to another.  In fact, we have a decent sized willow stump that I told her I wanted to put a door and windows on and make it LOOK like a fairy house and she said no because the fairies wouldn't actually be able to get in.  She believes in fairies and believes they will come to visit now that we have houses for them.  I love that.

This could get blown out of proportion if I have to get another pot and then another house for that one and a bridge to connect the three and on and on and on.  But the girls are excited about it, I'm hoping we can keep stuff alive and claiming that now I'm a gardener.  Which I'm not.

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Alicia said...

This is totally unrelated to fairy houses, but I found an old journal and saw this in one of the entries: "Kristy Whittacre gave our Relief Society lesson today and it was also on strengthening our testimonies. She is such a good teacher." Dated Feb. 25, 2007...It gave me a smile and hopefully gives you one too.