Thursday, April 2, 2015

Abby is FIVE!!!

This feels like such a big deal to me and I can't figure out why. Maybe it's because she's also registered for kindergarten now and will be gone next year.  That just leaves William and I in the house and I feel like that will be very different.  Plus, I will no longer be outnumbered.  I mean yeah, William still equals like four children but technically, I won't be outnumbered.

I waited to post so that I could get pictures of her birthday party yesterday and then I didn't take any.  Mommy fail!

Originally her party was going to be last Friday but Abby got sick so we postponed it.  But the phantom fever was gone by Saturday so we went to the Arboretum as a family and then celebrated at home with cake and ice cream (strawberry cake and strawberry ice cream -- that's mommy's girl!) and presents.  Her reaction to this one was the best:

She tends to barrel through presents and then love them after she's opened everything, but she has been waiting SOOOOO long to sit in a booster seat that she was pretty thrilled to finally get it.  And honestly, she barely makes the weight requirement and may still be a little under the height requirement.  I'm not sure about that one.

Singing happy birthday was the best -- I should have taken video of THAT.  William sang along and about the time that we approached the end of the song he started crawling onto the table to get better access to the cake to blow out the candles.  Fortunately, we held him back and Abby got to blow them out herself.  Before she did though, she loudly declared, "I wish for peace in the world!!"  Ahhh, that's my future beauty queen!

We planned her rescheduled party for Wednesday and the plan was to have it at the park but it RAINED.  I kid you not.  We have had really wet weather lately!  So at the last minute it came to our house.  The kids played, we sang and ate cupcakes, and then we had an indoor Easter egg hunt.  I think Abby enjoyed it.

Oh this is my horrific Kwazii cake.  Abby has really gotten into a show called Octonauts.  It's about these animals who live under the ocean and help sea creatures.  This is the real Kwazii:

SO I think this officially marks the end of my cake decorating career.  From here on out it's frosting and sprinkles.  On the bright side, Abby gave me a big hug and told me she loved her Kwazii cake!!

I found another WALL-E.  Technically he should probably replace the one that Grandma gave her for her 3rd birthday and who is falling apart but we now have WALL-E the 1st and WALL-E the 2nd.  And she now sleeps with them both.  There was one night that she actually wanted Kwazii (Grandma got her a stuffed Kwazii) INSTEAD, but she's gone back to WALL-E.  Mostly the original.  Add in junior and Kwazii and that's fantastic!  Also, she wanted an umbrella.  Worst present ever.  Mainly because William wants it too.

Oh my friend took this picture at the party.  Light is bad but you can see that I have my hand in front of William's mouth to keep him from blowing out the candles.  Poor kid.  July can't come fast enough for him.  Me?  Well, three is usually harder than two so I think I can wait. 

SO now that she's five, what can I say about Abby?  Hands down her favorite thing to do is watch tv.  Yes, we watch too much and she gets really upset if I declare a no tv day.  She can handle it, but the announcement usually brings tears.  She loves Apple Creek preschool and is very excited to go to kindergarten next year and get to take a lunch to school everyday.  However she will always be hungry because I'm pretty sure that she won't be able to stop talking long enough to eat lunch in the allotted time.  She is a pretty constant talker and is a happy, sweet girl.  She is cuddly, so cuddly, and loving to her friends and MY friends.  Everyone loves Abby.  She shares so generously everything that she has and still wears the sparkly boots pretty much every day.  They'll disappear here in favor of flip flops soon but I think that's only because they're hot in the summer!  She says the BEST prayers.  I love hearing her pray because she goes on and on and says wonderful, sweet things.  She always asks for Aaron to come back and usually says something about Jesus coming back too.  She prays to stay in bed and eat all her dinner and pretty much anything that comes to mind that she has to do that day.  It's awesome.  She's awesome.  And she's five!!

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