Saturday, March 28, 2015

From Snow to Sun!

It feels like we've completely gone from winter to spring-ish summer overnight!  I suppose it hasn't been that dramatic but I've been so busy the past few weeks (2 baby showers and costumes for a Women at the Well presentation!) that it's kind've crept up on me.

This is the quilt that I made for my brother Mark's new baby.  His wife Adrienne requested the color scheme and I had this awesome pattern I was wanting to try.  It's not really baby size, more of a throw, but it turned out beautifully!!  On the back are the tumbling blocks with some of the drawings that my other sister-in-law Denise had done for me.  I just traced them onto the fabric with fabric markers and a light box and they turned out amazing!!  We are definitely going to have to collaborate on future quilts!! 

One of my rules is that I need a picture of the baby on the quilt so hopefully I'll get one of Remi soon!!

I made the kids a rainbow for St. Patrick's day dinner.  Strawberries, carrots, and food color dyed pastas.  It didn't make them eat any more than they regularly eat though! 

This is William's version of a funny face.  He's mimicking Megan the best way he can.

We went to the Arboretum twice this week!!  Once on Wednesday with friends and once today for Abby's birthday (post about that later!).  Both days were amazingly beautiful weather and we had a great time.  I tried to make the girls wear cute dresses today.  I succeeded with Abby but Megan insists that Sunday dresses are only for Sundays so she wore a cute "play" dress with leggings that didn't match and Halloween socks.  Our family pictures ALWAYS reflect what our family is truly like I think! 

No, not a random boy.  He's our friend Ammon and he's almost exactly a year younger than Abby . . . and the same size if not bigger!

Megan made the "A" honor roll for the 3rd 9 weeks (yay!) and also was student of the week!!  I also got a note from her teacher that her reading was recently tested.  She is at level M/30 with a rate of 141 words per minute. By the end of first grade, goal is to be a J/18 with a rate of 60 words per minute.  She is awesome!!  She is now reading "in her head" because she says it's faster (well it is) and really enjoys books and magazines about animals and bugs believe it or not!  One of her requirements for playing on the computer or tablet is to read her scriptures first.  She's in the Book of Mormon stories reader and doing great!!  And she remembers every day which is pretty impressive.  Or technology is a good motivator!

This lovely lady on the left is my amazing friend Jenn who is having her fifth child and fourth boy and has NEVER had a baby shower.  So we remedied that last night and it was awesome!  That's her daughter Madi and her sister and her daughter who came for a visit and the festivities!!

The happy birthday girl!!  So excited to be 5 (more on that tomorrow).

And our trip to the Arboretum today. 

Attempted family pictures.  Not bad!!

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Alicia said...

Cute. I'm glad your pictures capture reality. They are so lovely.