Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That's Progress!!

Remember the kindergarten concert last year?  Megan cried through pretty much the entire thing.  She ended up on the front row at the very center and I finally had her teacher move her to the end so she could cry without being in the middle of everything.  We rewarded her with ice cream afterwards just for being brave and staying up there.

Tonight was the 1st grade concert.
We're going to play a little game of Where's Megan:
We started the concert nearly front and center but I had talked to her music teacher beforehand and he moved her to the second row.  That's good.  She still started this way and spent maybe 2 songs like this and then little things just started to happen.

A smile:

An action: 

And singing!!!  

It was completely thrilling and all their songs were so so cute.  Their music teacher does a great job!  And Megan is making progress!

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