Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yay For Dads!!

Right now Chopper is sitting on the couch watching back to back to back to back episodes of Top Gear.  It's a British tv show where they evaluate cars.  I have to admit that it's entertaining although for me, not 4 hours of it.  But it's Father's Day.

He also got biscuits and gravy for dinner and a no-bake cheesecake (which wasn't as good as I normally think -- maybe I've had too much real cheesecake lately -- not a bad thing).  I bought him a fishing book, Megan drew him a great picture, and Abby filled out a questionnaire about Chopper at church that has some really great answers.  (I'll post that picture later, it's on my phone)

But what really got me today was Chopper telling me about his lesson for his Valiant 10/11 boys today.  The Primary lesson was on the 10 Commandments and he talked to the boys about how so many "thou shalt nots" actually free us rather than restrict us.  It sounds like it was a great lesson and I look forward to him explaining it to our kids someday.  But primarily I'm grateful that he has a strong understanding of Gospel principles as the leader of our family.  I'm grateful that he's willing to sit in primary week after week and share his knowledge and his personality and talents with 10 and 11 year old boys.  I'm grateful that he provides for our family and considers our needs and even our wants. I love that when I'm carrying William to nursery he's yelling for daddy (well I don't love the yelling but you get it!) and that the girls adore him as well.

I'm grateful that both my husband and my father are worthy holders of the Priesthood and able to give beautiful, Spirit-guided blessings to me and my children.  And they both have. 

I'm grateful for these things because I want to always be with my husband and connected to my father and have Chopper connected to our children.  And they're both doing that right.

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