Monday, June 30, 2014

The Fourth is Coming!!

First some randomness thanks to Abby and Megan.

Just a few.  I did not subject  you to the 50 pictures they took of books, the floor, My Little Ponies, etc.

I know I've blogged about this before because we do it pretty much every year but on Saturday we went to the Oak Point Freedom Fest.  It is the epitome of small town celebrations and we love it.  Chopper hates crowds so it works well and the kids can enjoy playing at the park and doing their activities and the parade without having to fight to see or get a space.  It's really nice.

This year I decided to go all Pinterest on the kids and do some cute shirts.  William's was stencils and bleach and it bled under the stencil so it's not crisp and clean and looks kind've funny but oh well.  Abby's turned out really cute!  Rick-rack and buttons.  Megan threw a fit about doing her own shirt and, perfectionist that I am, I very VERY reluctantly turned it over to her with the fabric markers.  And she did a great job.  Then the kids actually held still and let me take pictures.  And they are together!  And happy!  I might have to frame these for all time. 

Not the neck!  Not the neck!  Poor Abby really does have cell memory from Grandpa . . .  And William and Megan have it from me!

At the parade.

Ready for the candy!!

William looks very concerned.  He was a fantastic little flag waver but was very serious about it.  I have a short video of it too.

This is the beginning of the parade . . . and the end.

Playing on the swings after!

Fun times!
The video isn't as good of quality straight to blogger.  I'll have to go through YouTube next time.


The JL McGregor Family said...

All of the shirts turned out fantastic--even the bleach shirt looks like it is supposed to be that way. Will you please do fun creative things with my kids?

Alicia said...

Fun shirts. I thought about shirts. I actually saw a few that looked easy enough for me to try. But we are trying to potty train Tucker and so all thoughts of cuteness on the 4th disappeared. In fact, I am sending Josh with the older two kids to the festivities and keeping little man at home. How boring is that?