Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yay It's Official!!

I have a calling again!!  I am officially one (there are two classes) of the Valiant 9 Primary teachers at church.  I am very excited about this for a couple of reasons -- 
First, the senior primary classes are taught from the scriptures for second hour instead of the topic centered lessons of the junior primary.  The curriculum this year is Old Testament and I've been reading it on my own so I'm excited to learn more especially on a primary level!
Second, 9-year olds is a good age I think.
Third, I will be busy during church on Sundays!  I enjoy attending Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society for myself but lately it's led to too much time for my mind to focus on Aaron and watch the ridiculous number of babies in our ward (and I say that with love).  The kids will keep me busy -- no question about that!  
Fourth, I get to hide!!  It can be so hard to be in a primary calling when you're new to a ward or home 24/7 with young children anyway because it can be very isolating in terms of meeting others.  I am actually very much looking forward to being isolated.  It's been really hard for me lately to put myself out there.  I have really good friends that I've been leaning on and spending time with a lot so I haven't been completely anti-social but I'm actually really looking forward to the bubble.

At home we've been pretty quiet too.  The end of the school year is approaching quickly -- only 3 more weeks to go.  But with only one child in school and she doesn't participate in any extra school activities like band, choir, etc. so it hasn't been too crazy around here.  I'm looking forward to the summer even though we won't be taking any vacations.  My parents are moving so they're out and Chopper's mom isn't really in a position to receive small guests.  Perhaps we'll do a family trip for a long weekend or a few days or something some time this summer.  The girls would love a beach trip!  And then Abby's off to preschool this fall!  Which reminds me that I need to get her paperwork in . . . 

Life is quiet but life is good.

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Alicia said...

Yeah for new callings! I am getting one in a few weeks but am still not able to say what...but it will be a change and it isn't music so I'm VERY excited.

I'm glad you are doing well.