Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a Happy Birthday!!

I don't remember who took this picture

This is a side note.  We've had two cherry trees on the side of our house that bloom beautifully every spring.  One of them is twisted badly so Chopper had it cut down.  That same day, in the afternoon, we had some major wind and this happened to the second tree!!
So no more cherry trees!!

Abby and I are out examining the damage and she finds cherries!

I'm pretty sure they're just ornamental.  We cut one open and it was red and juicy but hard and very very sour.  But still, it makes me sad that we were producing cherries and now have no trees!!!

Megan's been bringing quite a bit of work home from school.  I toss most of it when she's not looking (she gets really mad if she sees her papers in the trash) but every now and then there's one that I save.  Mostly artwork but I loved this example of her writing and her drawing.  The story says, "On the way she met Megan and they do spins all the way to town."  I'm assuming those curvy lines are spins! 

On Saturday we rented a bounce house for Chopper's birthday.  I know that sounds weird but he wanted the kids to be occupied and happy!  Well it worked!!  And even we got in and jumped.  We sent out a blanket invitation for people to come over and enjoy with us and had quite a few families join in the fun. 

Friday night we had hotdogs and s'mores for dinner cooked over charcoal in the smoker.  No fires unfortunately!  Saturday night Chopper and I went to dinner on a date for Thai food and then picked up homemade tamales on our way home. 

Sunday was the actual birthday so the true celebration.  Chopper slept in all morning (literally!) and then we went to church where William was a terror as usual.  It's now at the point where he starts screaming the moment we walk into the chapel.  It's driving us bonkers actually.  Anyway, breakfast for his birthday dinner and then 37 candles in his cupcakes!! 

Look at that smoke!!!

You have to have something to open on your birthday so I got him a book series he's wanted and then he ordered himself a sound system for his birthday.  He's very very excited about that coming in the mail!

Happy boy because he slept in nursery (not in sacrament meeting unfortunately) so we actually had a really nice birthday evening.  This morning Chopper went fishing and I stayed home but slept in!  The little turkey slept until almost 9 a.m. and the girls watched a movie.  It was fantastic!!  It's a little wet for smoking ribs like Chopper wanted to today so maybe a low-key day at home and a nice dinner.  We'll see.  I hear screaming -- I guess I should investigate.  William is usually the culprit.

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