Sunday, May 4, 2014

Growth is Good!!

Today's stake conference was a little bit painful.  It's hard to spend 2 hours in a stadium with a nearly 2 year old who doesn't like to be contained.  Which also reminds me of my grocery shopping yesterday with said 2 year old and it's no wonder that I am looking forward to next weekend's Mother's Day fabric shopping!!

But it is exciting that we are now in a new stake: the Frisco Texas Shawnee Trails Stake.  Great name except nearly everyone who said it at the podium today messed it up somehow.  It's amazing to me that they can call a stake presidency in about 24 hours.  Since I don't typically receive or recognize inspiration that fast, I'm a little in awe of those who do!  At the beginning of the conference they said that the Frisco stake has only been around for 6 years.  That means that there has been an incredible amount of growth in the past six years in order to be big enough to split us off and create a new stake.

And speaking of growth, I am really really REALLY looking forward to William talking.  And understanding.  And not running away from me laughing directly into the parking lot or traffic.  This boy is completely exhausting me.  And the girls are exhausting me with their whining and complaining.  But on the bright side our Ensign came in the mail yesterday so I can finally read the talks that I heard parts of a month ago!!

Do you ever wonder how Eve did this for hundreds of years?  I've only have them for 7 and I'm going bonkers!!!  Happy Sunday, happy happy Sunday.

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