Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's That Time . . .

Time to celebrate 6 years old!!!

Yes, she has 6 candles stuck into a mini cupcake.  I took regular size cupcakes to her kindergarten class today so she got mini ones tonight.  And a cake at her party on Saturday.  There is no lack of sugar in this house!

Soooo, I may be going a little overboard this year!  It's hard not to when I know that I'll be neglecting my children in less than 3 weeks AND Megan has friends.  In fact, I'm so tickled about how well she's doing in school and all the girls she talks about that when her list of names to invite to her party ended up at 16 I still said ok.  Of course I'm kind've hoping they don't all show up . . . 

Believe it or not though, we woke up this morning to SNOW!  Now that is a Texas miracle if ever there was one.  The girls were so excited that I was able to use it as bribery to get them ready for school faster and we managed to have about 5 minutes to go out in it before driving to school.
 William CARRIED out his lawn mower (Grandma and Grandpa hit the jackpot at Christmas with that thing and now that we figured out how to get it to STOP making noise, we love it too!) and then was a little confused that he couldn't mow the grass . . . 

 6 years old!!  Snow on her "birth" day and snow today!  One of her teachers asked her if she wished for snow today.  Since she has been praying for beautiful days lately I was surprised when she said, "no, it just came!" 

 Well, if you can't mow the grass, maybe you can blow off the driveway!!  We're thinking of sending William to Michigan to help Grandma and Grandpa with their driveway.  I think they have just a LITTLE bit more snow than we do!  :)

Despite the snow and the COLD (27 degrees-yuck!), we had places to go and things to do!  We decorated the house, went back to school at 10:30 for lunch with the birthday girl, ran to Target to pick up cupcakes, came home and had naps -- well, I wrapped presents -- went back to school for cupcakes!  Busy busy day!  But well worth it.  It was fun to see all of Megan's classmates and friends, her teacher is one of my favorite people EVER, and I do believe she's been happy all day!

After dinner (made by request of course), Megan opened presents. 

And then wanted to color and put together puzzles and put pictures in the snow globe and play with Frozen figures and we had to convince her to eat cake and icecream first!

Which she was ok with really. 
Another busy day tomorrow and a party on Saturday with at least 10 little girls (oh my) and it will have been quite the birthday celebration!  But 6 is definitely exciting!!

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